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CET Provides Stable Electricity Supply for Ethiopian Urban Light Rail

Publication Date:2015-09-24

The first urban light rail line of Ethiopia has been officially put into service on September 20th . The Power Transmission and Distribution Project of Ethiopian Light Rail undertaken by China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd. (CET) provides stable and reliable electricity supply for the formal operation of Addis Ababa urban light rail.

The Power Transmission and Distribution Project of Addis Ababa Light Rail is an important project guaranteeing the stable operation of the light rail transit, which is designed to supply electrical energy for the first light rail line of Ethiopia. CET has overcome various difficulties such as the tight schedule and the shortage of materials supply in the local markets, while making every effort to coordinate the design, construction, equipment production, and procurement among other aspects, and carefully organizing the construction, thereby ensuring the successful completion of the project to build a solid foundation for the formal operation of the light rail line.
Azeb Asnake, CEO of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, said the Addis Ababa light rail project which has been formally put into service, is an important project of Ethiopia, and the power transmission and distribution project is a key to ensure the normal operation of the light rail. CET, being under a very tight time schedule, has overcome various difficulties, completed the project on time with the guaranteed quality and quantity standards, and demonstrated an image of a responsible and capable Chinese company.
Addis Ababa urban light rail, with a total length of 34 km, is the first light rail line in Ethiopia in the East African region, which has a very important significance for improving the urban road network features of Ethiopian capital, relieving urban traffic pressure, expanding urban development space, and promoting regional economic development.