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Brazil TP Phase II Project Successfully Put into Operation

Publication Date:2019-01-15

        At 13:00 on January 14, the substation project of Lot C of Brazil Teles Pires II Transmission Project (hereinafter referred to as “TP Phase II”) was put into operation smoothly, 45 days ahead of the contract period, marking the successful operation of  the TP Phase II Project as a whole.



        Brazil TP Phase II Substation Project is CET’s first general contracting project to adopt overseas independent management mode, which makes beneficial practice for our company to promote overseas localization management. The project is divided into two lots, O and C. The successful operation of Lot C includes the expansion of four 500kV substations, 27 high voltage reactors, 2 sets of series compensation and supporting devices. On June 3, 2018, Lot O was put into operation 100 days ahead of schedule.